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How to lose 50 pounds fastly – Healthy Life Styles Tips

You should never stop learning, you should stay updated and keep improving yourself. There’s a lot to learn. Just as with weight loss, you should try to learn more and know what is healthy and what isn’t.

You should know protein is a very essential part of every diet and which fats are healthier and how you can simply add just a little portion of carbs.

Find out nutritional values of food, and read labels to know what you’re eating. An app like myfitnesspal can get you the nutritional value for foods you eat.


When planning to lose 50 pounds fast, one of the best steps you can take is to detox and cleanse your system of sugars, refined foods, processes foods, alcohol, and carbs.

You have to quit those unhealthy habits and create a new plan and lifestyle for yourself. Prepare a new diet for yourself when you can easily eat clean. While it might not be easy to suddenly quit eating pizza or quit drinking beer or stop eating pasta.

Diet properly.

Like I said earlier, protein is an essential part of every diet, when planning what to eat, you should let your protein come first then fats, then veggies then a small portion of fruits or carbs.

Protein foods like chicken and fish are really wonderful there’s a variety of fish and a whole lot of dishes you can prepare with them.

By making it simple you don’t have to just stop eating all those foods you normally eat, you just need to control how much of them you eat, control your portion size.

Instead of having the full meal, just a portion or a slice is okay. While it might be difficult to just eat one slice of pizza when you order the full pack the best thing to do is to only order when you have friends or family members over so you can share with them.

Eat protein for breakfast

Eating breakfast at alone can be a hassle for many people, not to mention eating a high protein meal.

If you not following an intermittent fasting plan then breakfast should be the most important meal for you. A protein Breakfast sets your day right and helps you stay satiated for until lunch.

Eggs are one of the best foods to eat for breakfast. This is a list of high protein foods

Though eating protein for breakfast doesn’t mean that’s all the protein you need for the day. You should aim to include protein in every meal you eat.

Let protein come first when planning your meals.

Prepare your own food

If you’re really serious about losing 50 pounds fast then you better start preparing your food. When you prepare your own food you won’t eat as much as you used to eat and you will always prepare a healthy version.

You should stop buying processed foods, they contain way more calories, sugar and carbs than they seem.

When serving your foods, you should use smaller plates instead of the big bowls so you don’t overestimate your belly size and when you do eat, eat slowly and chew your foods completely before swallowing.

Be prepared for temptations

You need to stay prepared as you never know what’s coming your way. You don’t know how you’re going to end up spending your day.

I don’t think its actually really possible to stare clear of restaurants, but if you can totally do without them then good for you.

But there are so many people that just find it extremely difficult to quit visiting restaurants whether it’s planned for a meeting, a birthday or a regular visit during lunch break.

The best thing to do if you find yourself visiting restaurants is to at least have a healthy snack, real food or veggies before you leave for the restaurant.

While at it, when at the restaurant, try to eat more protein, eat more of meat or chicken dishes they contain lesser calories and are healthier choices.

Also try to divide your food into two portions, eat a portion and share the other with someone. If there’s no one to share with package it to take home with you.

Exercise gently

Exercise can help you stay fit and and healthy. Just try not to exercise too much. Over exercising can result in weakness and cravings for sweet food.

Exercising does not have to be a chore, there are easy exercises you can do in your spare time including walking, jogging on a spot, dancing or simply cleaning your house.

You should let exercising become a part of you, I recently wrote an article about how you can walk for weight loss and how many steps you should be taking daily.

You don’t necessarily have to go to a gym before you exercise you can simply do simple at home exercise for about 10- 20 minutes.

Lose 8-16 pounds using the 15 day diet plan

The 15 day diet plan can help you lose 8-16 pounds in 15days. It Comes with a Diet guide which is the main Meal plan where you will find what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat and simple dishes you can make.

Also you will get a workout Guide. with easy to do exercises to better tone your body, though the exercises are not really necessary, but they can surely help to double how much fat you lose daily.

This is a sample from the diet plan, there is no guess work involved. All you have to do is follow the plan.

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